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Are you afraid of...
the Future?

Afraid of the future? You’re not alone. We’ve all experienced the worry & anxiety that comes with not knowing what the next days, weeks, years will bring. Will I pass this exam? Will I get a job? Will I find love? Will I be able to buy a house? These are probably all questions you’ve asked yourself. Why do these questions loom so large? It’s probably because we like to be in control, to have certainty, to know that everything will be ok. But as much as we’d like to know what the future holds, the reality is we can’t know the future, and we certainly have very little control over what will happen. The last few years, have probably made this clearer than even for us.


But before we despair, what if there was a way to face the future with confidence and hope? This is the difference Jesus makes to our fear of the future – he offers us confidence & certainty for the future. How does he do this? Firstly, by giving us a chance to know the God who knows and controls the future. Why is this a good thing? Because Jesus reveals to us the character of God, as good, faithful, wise & powerful – this is someone we can trust our future with. But Jesus has done even more than that, he’s secured a future for us beyond death. Through his death & resurrection, Jesus has guaranteed that for those that trust in him, they can be confident & certain of eternal life with him! If you’re looking for confidence and hope for the future, it’s time to investigate Jesus for yourself.

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Interested in finding out more about how Jesus makes a difference to our fear of the future, join us at our event!

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