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ARE YOU Afraid of...  Loneliness?

We all fear loneliness. None of us want to experience those feelings of being isolated, left out, misunderstood, or unloved. The sad reality is we don’t just fear loneliness, some of the time we do actually experience loneliness. A recent headspace National Youth Mental Health Survey showed that one in two young people (54%) feel a sense of loneliness, due to lack of companionship and feeling isolated. This statistic probably doesn’t come as a surprise. We might be more “connected” than ever before, but that doesn’t seem to ease the loneliness. 

Loneliness doesn’t feel right, in all of us there is a sense that we were made for relationships and belonging. We long for someone else to truly know us, not just the façade we present to the world. We long to be loved, to be accepted, to feel safe and secure in relationship. But most of our relationship fail to live up to this, we’re left disappointed & dissatisfied.

What if the pain of loneliness is meant to point us to something greater. Could Jesus make a difference to our loneliness? 

Our craving for relationship and belonging points us to a much deeper longing & need in all of us, to be in relationship with the only one who knows & loves us fully & completely – the God who made us. And Jesus, God’s Son, is the one who makes this all possible – by breaking down all the barriers to relationship with God through his death & resurrection, and giving us a new identity as members of God’s family. Being a part of God’s family is the most constant, secure, & satisfying relationship you’ll ever experience! 

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