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Connect Camp Testimonies

I have been blessed to grow up in a loving Christian family. However, attending a public high school which didn’t have a strong Christian group, made it challenging to confidently live out my Christian faith each day. It was encouraging attending commencement camp before starting my first year of uni as it gave me the opportunity to meet fellow Flinders University students and also form friendships with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I was nervous starting uni because I didn’t know anyone doing speech pathology, it was comforting to know that there were familiar faces on campus before starting my degree. Commencement camp was also a great and encouraging way to be reminded of our purpose on campus. Our everyday purpose is to live out and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others as Jesus said “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” - Mark 16:15


Commencement camp at Flinders University was the first time I had ever gone on any camp and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. During the day we had great bible teaching from great speakers as well as more in-depth study of the bible in small groups. There was also plenty of time for fun activities on the river and games on the riverfront. Late night talks and board games were a lot of fun, with lasting friendships were made.


Starting university was a big deal, I was moving from the country to the city, away from my family and friends. For me commencement camp was a good way to get connected with people who were also going to university, learning about God and having fun at the same time. Commencement camp is a camp the week before university starts over a few nights. We have worship, teachings and small groups: where we read from the bible and discuss passages. It is a great opportunity and I encourage anyone who is starting university to consider going along to build relationships with students and God. 


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