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Small Groups

A big part of Flinders ES are the small groups we run weekly during uni semesters. These groups of students meet together at uni to study the Bible and pray together. These groups are a great way to dive deeper into the Bible through studies designed specifically to be relevant to university students, and they are also a great way to meet other Christians at uni.

There are different study times available throughout the week across Bedford, Sturt and Tonsley.

Contact us via social media, email, or the contact page on our website for more information and to sign up!


What's GROW you ask?

GROW is our main event which we run fortnightly, and a chance for all Flinders ES students to come along on a Tuesday evening to share dinner together, sing praise to God, and get to know some other Christian students from around Flinders Uni! You'll hear our Staff unpack the Bible for us and be trained in many aspects of taking on Uni Life as a Christian.

We'd love to see you there and if it is your first GROW dinner is on us.

GROW is currently running from 5-8:30 on Tuesday evenings each fortnight.

To find info and location on our upcoming GROWs, click here.

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