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Notice of General Meeting

The Honorary Secretary gives notice that at the direction of the Committee, the FLINDERS E.S. will hold a General Meeting in accordance with Chapters 8 & 12 of the Constitution of the FLINDERS E.S.

Please note, that in accordance with Section 8.3 of the Constitution of the FLINDERS E.S. "no other business than that which is stated in the notification of a General Meeting shall be discussed".

The Business for this General Meeting will be as follows:

  • to discuss and vote on proposed amendments to the Flinders ES Constitution outlined in the link below, which includes amending provisions to our Membership Declaration, among other changes proposed to comply with FUSA regulations. (Explanations for all proposed changes are contained in the link below)

  • to vote on accepting and implementing a new Membership Declaration and form, for Members of the Flinders E.S. to sign, outlined in the link below.

To see details of the current constitution, the proposed amendments which will be voted on at the AGM, and the proposed Membership Declaration and Membership Form, click on the links below.

Please contact if you are unsure of your membership status, or would like to become a member OR if you have any questions or concerns about the business to be brought before the General Meeting.

Date: 23/05/2023

Time: 4:15PM (ACST)

Location: Oasis, Flinders University. (Location info)

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